20 Tonne 4WD All Terrain Franna Crane: Features that Make it Stand Out

20 September 2019

It’s true, an article about 20 Tonne All-Terrain Franna Cranes already graces our pages. It makes mention of the hire vehicles’ pick-and-carry capabilities, plus its lifting strengths. Of equal relevance, this 2.5-metre wide crane is extraordinarily maneuverable. Anyway, since that article was full of honorifics, and deservedly so, perhaps it’s time we added some substance to that acclaim-heavy text in the form of a host of stand-out features.

Rough Ground Maneuverability

With a 205 kW turbo-charged Mercedes engine acting as the all-terrain crane’s power plant, a 6-speed automatic transmission drives a pair of heavy-duty planetary axles forward. Working independently, the 20 Tonne Franna Crane driver selects the optimal four-wheel-drive differential lock setting so that the vehicle chassis can glide over rough ground on its ruggedized wheels. In other words, this pick-and-carry heavy lifter is as easy to drive offroad as it is on the highway. Incidentally, it can reach 85 kph on an open road, so quick site dispatches can be expected.

Boom Geometry and Load Capabilities

Like the label says, this 10-metre long hire crane is capable of hoisting a 20-tonne payload. From side-on, the loaded winch hook can rise 17-metres high. That’s a good feature for extended lifts. Bridge maintenance, structural steel lifts and AC unit lofting, all of these applications and more have much to gain when a 20 Tonne 4WD All-Terrain Franna crane is on-site. Still looking at the boom and jib, the winch hook and block will also make slewing motions to either side of the crane’s centre. A 40° maximum slew in either direction provides additional load placement versatility. Stuck in a confined space, this feature allows a crane operator to move a carried load left or right while the vehicle chassis stays at rest.

Loaded With Feature-Rich Extras

The lift-essential characteristics of our 20T Franna Crane aren’t complete yet; there’s still the winch to check out. That cable winding mechanism is a 2-speed drum. With the low-speed mode active, a 41 metre per minute cable velocity is engaged. Switching to the higher speed setting, the drum spins at 82 metres per minute. Working in tandem with the in-built hydraulic system, what we once colourfully called “The Sharp Crane Hire Ambassador” delivers 250 Bars of maximum operating pressure, as provided by a state-of-the-art axial load sensing piston.

Heavy-duty bias ply tyres provide the all-terrain traction here. They’re mounted on rugged spigot-mount rims, which rely on air operated and exhaust-boosted brakes for stopping power. At rest, ready to power lift a maximum of 20 tonnes, wedge-style parking brakes anchor this reliable Franna. Undeniably terrain adept, this heavy lifter can speed out from its rental parking spot and be onsite, ready to work, in no time at all.

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