20 Tonne 4WD All Terrain Franna Crane for Hire

28 February 2018

If there’s one crane manufacturer that bullishly represents a crane hire companies’ mission statement, it’s the Franna brand. This being the case, how well does a 20 tonne 4WD all-terrain Franna crane qualify as a Sharp Crane Hire ambassador? Well, the off-road equipment is reliable, for starters. Built tough, the four-wheel drive heavy lifter is also incredibly versatile. What other features make this model stand out?

A Sturdy Mobile All-star

A best-of-both-worlds design ensures this vehicle receives pride of place. Pushed to the front of the fleet enclosure, that 20-tonne Franna crane is a default rental choice because the mobile equipment has the power to lift high-capacity loads while it soldiers on across the roughest ground conditions. In this industry, those two capabilities are heavily in demand, which is why this off-road load warrior has earned its place as a hire big shot. Crane for hire ambassador and fleet VIP, do we have some specs to back the boasts?

Here Come the Pick-and-Carry Facts

Imagine a customer representative explaining this vehicle’s best features. It’s compact, so the telescoping boom is bound to slot into the desired orientation. Anchored on the rough ground and stabilized by its wide chassis, the crane quickly assumes a selected lifting configuration. If the position isn’t quite right, the operator simply slides back into the driver’s cab, employs the differential lock, and conquers the loose soil once more. Maneuverability is key, and this off-road drive system isn’t about to let the operator down, not when a multi-tonnage load is being transported.

Built for All Rounder Performance

Across tangled sites and bumpy sand dunes, a 20-tonne Franna crane utilizes its four-wheel drive capabilities. Not only is an all-star, the mobile hoist also a load transferring all arounder. Consider that feature for a moment. When a customer compiles a list of desirable pick-and-carry requirements, any single solution will likely fall short. Perhaps the selected model lifts a weighty burden but doesn’t handle sandy soil well. Contrariwise, the selected mobile vehicle can roll over any ground type, but it simply can’t carry a hefty cargo across the uneven site. What’s needed is a measure of rental versatility. That being the case, a hired Franna crane, one that’s equipped to lift a 20-tonne load AND handle all terrain types, is the preferred option here.

Like the swiss-knife of the mobile crane world, a 20-tonne Franna 4WD heavy lifter gets straight to work. Having earned its place on a rental service’s hard stand, right there in the front yard, this tried-and-true model is the branded crane for hire, as recommended by many rental agencies.

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