3 Primary Applications of a Crawler Crane

23 August 2021

Most cranes come with durable and reliable components that can lift, move, and lower massive loads around project sites. The basic working principles of cranes through these components make them truly useful for a lot of industries. However, not all of them are made to be similar.

To cater to the needs of different industries, cranes boast different designs, styles, and other differentiating factors. Some cranes are intended to stay in just one place, while others can move freely.

One crane that can move around a site is the crawler crane. Just like other cranes, crawler cranes can effectively lift massive loads. They have, however, the capacity to traverse unstable, rough, and uneven terrains without requiring rigorous set-up processes. They can even move around the site while holding a load, which cannot be done easily by other types of cranes. With all their accompanying benefits, crawler cranes can truly be useful for a lot of applications. Some of their notable applications are as follows:

Construction Projects

One notable application of crawler cranes has to do with lifting and moving heavy loads on construction sites. These cranes can be effective in construction projects due to their excellent load stability despite traversing unstable surfaces. With their accompanying tracks and extended counterweight, these cranes can surely lift heavy construction materials, tools, and other essential things to terrific heights or across lengthy distances. With these features alone, crawler cranes can be effectively used for constructing tall buildings, roads, and others in hard-to-reach areas and sites with poor weather conditions.

Oil and Gas Operations

Companies that are part of the oil and gas industry have to process tonnes of energy resources to effectively provide countries with their needed power supply. Some processes that are involved in the industry include exploration, extraction, refinement, and transportation. A number of these processes may involve the lifting of materials. Luckily, crawler cranes are capable enough to fulfil the needs of oil and gas fields. With crawler cranes, they can travel and lift heavy loads of up to 660 tonnes, making them suitable for moving heavy pieces of machinery and materials around undeveloped surfaces.

Agricultural Activities

Crawler cranes are not only great for the construction, oil, and gas industries, but they can also be substantial to the agricultural industry. Agricultural activities are often done on difficult ground surfaces. And for the activities to be done successfully, crawler cranes must be maximised right away. Crawler cranes can provide a boost to the movement of equipment pieces and pieces of machinery that will be needed for the agricultural sites. They can also lift and move loads for new agricultural facilities. Their long boom and jib extensions can likewise prevent the cranes from damaging nearby existing structures.

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