4 Factors to Consider when Hiring a Crane for Your Project

04 November 2021

Many construction, mining, and other projects can only be done if they have obtained the right tools for their activities. One of the tools that they would frequently attain is the crane.

Cranes are tools that can easily lift and move heavy loads, materials, machines, and goods from one place to other thanks to their associated powerful components. Some components that can make the cranes functional and valuable for different industries are cables, boom, hook, outriggers, counterweight, and operator’s cab. Some types of cranes can move around project sites, while others must be set in one place for them to be effective and stable.

Since not all cranes are similar, project owners like you must ensure that the right type of crane will be obtained. If want to hire the best crane for your project, here are some things that you must consider.

  1. Area Condition

One factor that you must consider when hiring a crane for your project is the condition of your project area. The terrain, surrounding obstructions, and access restriction of your project area all constitute the elements you need to check before hiring a crane. You may also want to check the weather conditions of the area so that you can go for a much versatile crane. Without considering these key elements, you will only waste resources as you must return the wrong crane and request a new one.

  1. Project Details

Another factor that you must consider when hiring the perfect crane for your project is the details of your project. Checking the condition of your project area will only ensure that the crane can resist the effects of the surrounding elements. Checking the details of the project, alternatively, ensures that the crane can perform well during operations. Some details about your project that you must consider heavily are the weight of the things that will be lifted and their total lifting distance.

  1. Total Distance

If you will be hiring a crane for your project, you must make sure that your chosen crane provider is close to your project area. With a closer crane provider, you can effectively gain access to the hired cranes in just a short time. It likewise prevents the need to process a lot of permits and spend resources.

  1. Rental Duration

Aside from the previously stated factors, you must also consider the overall duration of your crane rental. This specific factor may depend heavily on the type of project you are working on. For big projects, you can expect to rent the crane for a longer time, which also means that you must pay more. For small projects, alternatively, you only have to rent the crane for a shorter time and pay less. Knowing your rental duration is vital so you can prepare enough money for the crane hire costs.

If you want to hire the best crane for your project, you can call us at Sharp Welding and Crane Hire Services. Our fully-trained drivers, riggers, and dogmen operate our cranes adeptly to perform the function that you need for your project.

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