A Quick Look at Crane Borers and Their Notable Benefits

18 November 2021

One prominent tool that is being utilised by the construction industry today is the crane. What makes cranes great for construction projects is that they can effectively carry, move, and lower heavy objects from one place to another. The presence of these tools shortens the time needed to transfer materials, tools, and others. They likewise enable workers to focus on their main jobs.

Almost all types of cranes can already fulfil the need to carry, move, and lower heavy objects. However, a series of renovations have taken place, which led to the release of modified types of cranes in the market. One of these cranes is known as the crane borer.

An Overview of Crane Borers

Crane borers are modified cranes that have been designed and manufactured in Australia. They somehow operate similarly to conventional cranes, which are known to work by lifting, moving, and lowering heavy objects. But aside from these functions, crane borers also operate by cutting holes into the ground. Thanks to their dependable tall helical drill bit, crane borers are powerful enough to bore various diameters of holes and reach depths of the ground.

The basic working principles of crane borers make them suitable for construction and street modification projects. Some of the notable applications of crane borers are pole digging, hole planting, and well drilling. They can also carry out deep foundation works as well as take geological samples.

Crane Borers’ Major Benefits

Crane borers boast a lot of benefits that make them great for many applications.

One of the benefits of crane borers is that they can access any areas on the project sites. You see, crane borers are often mounted on trucks, which makes them suitable for works that require easy access to the entire site. Additionally, their compact form factor allows them to fit into spaces without any issues. They even have extended reach, permitting them to operate from a distance. The boring of the ground will not be possible in small project areas if it will be conducted by regular borers.

Another benefit of crane borers is that they can work with any type of project. Regular borers have to be assessed first if they can handle the ground surfaces of a particular site. Crane borers, on the other hand, do not have to be assessed thoroughly since their drill bits can already work with easy to difficult surfaces. These tools can maximise varying drill bit sizes, enabling them to drill a wide range of piling diameters and ground depths.

Maximise Crane Borers Today

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