Advantages of Crane Hire

29 April 2016

Most commercial and industrial sites need to have equipment and materials moved around, some more than others, but at some point heavy mechanical lifting is necessary. Some companies have cranes, but do not utilise them enough to warrant the upkeep and staff to operate them everyday, and these cranes often fall into disrepair. Although, large construction companies have multiple, well maintain cranes, there are situations where specialised smaller cranes are needed.

Instead of purchasing a new crane, or continuously up-keeping an older crane that is infrequently used, many companies are realising the advantages of crane hire, only when they need it.

Crane Hire

There are many benefits to hiring a crane, the number one benefit is obvious, it can save many thousands of dollars in operational costs and maintenance fees for companies who have their own cranes. And, smaller construction companies, industrial and commercial businesses that do not need a full-time use crane, can easily hire them when needed, rather than purchasing a new or older crane. Basically, it is an ideal arrangement for growing companies that can use the funds in other areas of business.

Types of Cranes for Hire

Here at Sharp Cranes, we help all types of businesses to move and lift all types of equipment and materials, using an assortment of cranes from our fleet. Our cranes range from 3-35 Tonnes and include crane borers, all-terrain cranes, Slewing Mobile Cranes, 360 degree cranes, Maeda Crawler Cranes and crane trucks.

Every job or project is different, but here at Sharp Cranes we have the equipment to move or lift just about anything, even in small, hard-to-get to areas. No more worrying about the logistics involved with maintaining cranes, such as having to find and hire experienced operators and crane mechanics, along with all the supplies, equipment and spare parts to maintain them.

When you hire Sharp Cranes, there is no more need to worry about employing full-time crane operators and mechanics, or repair and maintenance expenses, or having to purchase spare parts for your cranes, we handle all those logistical concerns. All of our cranes are in excellent condition and well maintained by expert mechanics and experienced crane operators.

At Sharp Welding and Crane Hire, we provide crane services to meet your needs, whether it is for steel installation, moving machinery, large air conditioners, or even pool installations, we have they cranes for the job.

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