Advantages of Mobile Cranes over Other Crane Types

08 June 2021

Project sites that need to lift and move heavy load from one area to another can easily benefit from cranes. Cranes are comprised of components that can carry out lifting and moving functions of heavy materials and objects. As long as professional operators conduct the operations, the cranes can assure safe movement of heavy objects and fast completion of the project activity.

But project sites may boast different needs and requirements. A number of projects may need to move heavy load from one point to another. Others, alternatively, only require the movement of objects in one area. The former may benefit the most from mobile cranes as they can move across the site, while the latter can effectively take advantage of tower cranes since they are fixated to a single spot.

These cranes surely boast some differences in terms of the overall design and capabilities. However, mobile cranes are often picked by many project owners due to their accompanying advantages.

Fast Set-Up

What makes mobiles cranes more beneficial than other crane types is that they are faster to set up. Tower cranes and other types of cranes must be moved through external means of transport. Additionally, they must be installed on-site just for them to be used for the main load lifting activities. Mobiles cranes, alternatively, can be transported, used, and manoeuvred on site right away. With their faster set-up, a project can be done in just a short time.

Great Flexibility

The small form factor of mobile cranes allows them to be flexible and save a lot of space. One struggle with tower cranes and other related crane types is that they need a huge amount of space just to install them. Moreover, the huge components of these cranes can sometimes cause damages to the surroundings. They may even damage the overhead lines that may be present on site. Mobile cranes, alternatively, have small yet durable components that can get the job done. They have the ability to access narrow sites and passages without any difficulties, making them great for any project types.

Durable Parts

Despite having small parts and components, mobile cranes are still strong enough to handle the lifting and movement of objects due to their strong overall composition. Mobile cranes typically contain heavy-duty axles, lifting mechanisms, and hydraulic power to support every action that they need to perform. And through these parts, they can perform everything safely and efficiently.


One more advantage of mobile cranes over other crane types is that they are cost-effective. For buyers of mobiles cranes, these cranes can be cost-effective since they only require minimal maintenance and small storage space. Hiring mobile cranes, alternatively, allow project managers to save a tremendous amount of money in terms of their overall maintenance, storage, and transportation. Buying or hiring other types of cranes, alternatively, can already cost a lot of money.

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