All Terrain Slewing Mobile Crane for Rent: Common Features and Functions

19 April 2017

All-terrain slewing cranes provide many tempting lift benefits. First of all, the mobile chassis can go anywhere and reach any staging point. It then settles down on that rough piece of land to deliver far-reaching boom coverage, a feature that sweeps through all 360° of the compass. Built to adapt to any working environment, this is obviously a feature-rich lifter, an off-roadster that’s intended as the crown jewel of any rental fleet.

All-Slewing Features

As discussed in a previous article (The Differences Between Slewing and Non-Slewing Mobile Cranes), this omnidirectional lifter is equipped with a rotating turntable. The steel arm of the boom sits atop this slewing ring. Rising up from the rotating base, the rental crane doesn’t need to change its orientation, not when that turntable can initiate a gear train to accommodate the angular alteration. That’s an important function, especially when the terrain is littered with obstacles. Basically, this rented lifting asset can anchor itself to one solid section of the ground so that loads from all around the lift clock can be manipulated by the boom/turntable combo.

The Rental Perspective

When the construction site is partially finished and the lift area is congested, then an all-terrain slewing mobile crane is the answer to all load and lift woes. Likewise, if the worksite is tough to navigate, that off-road chassis and its circling boom need to be called forth from the hiring fleet. Imagine a team of contractors compacting a parcel of soil on that site. The slewing crane can park on the solid chunk of land and do its job, top-to-bottom, left-to-right, without ever moving a meter away from that tiny land island. A slew-incapable model just couldn’t accommodate this function.

Your Versatile Hoisting Partner

Many nations, Australia included, are gifted with rich tracts of land. Despite these bounteous portions of real estate, tall buildings are drawing closer to each other. Car parking structures orbit around these soaring office complexes. They also pop up near tall residential complexes. Essentially, manoeuvring space is a rare resource in the construction industry, which is why a slewing feature is an important part of a rental crane’s mobility armoury. If it can’t rotate, this boom and its rigging, expect many three-point turn headaches.

Principally, a mobile slewing crane, a rental vehicle that caters for all terrain conditions, is a compact lifter. Yes, rental candidates take note, it’s designed to work as a stationary loading asset. The vehicle works on constricted sites, places that are full of tightly aligned structures, so that stationary function is mandatory. Still, this isn’t an issue, not when this adaptable rental crane can reach its load by employing a boom that covers all points of the compass.

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