An Overview of Guillotine Cutting and Its Advantages

10 May 2022

Manufacturers have to ensure that their products can be produced without any issues and delays. Therefore, they choose materials that can be processed optimally and safely.

One of the materials that manufacturers utilise is sheet metals. Sheet metals are thin, flat pieces of metals that can be further processed by metalworking industries. Some can be cut further to achieve their needed dimensions, while others acquire their properties through bending. Sheet metals are maximised by most industries today since they are strong, durable, malleable, replaceable, cost-effective, and recyclable. The malleability of sheet metals makes them compatible with major processes today.

A great process that can alter the properties of sheet metals is guillotine cutting. Here are some important details about guillotine cutting and its advantages to manufacturers and industries that use it.

A Quick Overview of Guillotine Cutting

Guillotine cutting is the process of cutting sheet metals through guillotines. Guillotines are sheet metal fabrication tools that can cut sheet metals accurately and cleanly. Generally, these tools utilise two blades. One of the blades is installed right under the workpiece, while the other blade cuts through the workpiece from above. These blades can be dangerous to operate. Hence, the process of guillotine cutting should only be carried out by professionals.

Some manufacturers maximise guillotine cutting as one of the processes in metal fabrication. Others, alternatively, utilise it as a standalone process, providing them with the needed sheet metals.

Main Advantages of Guillotine Cutting

Manufacturers adopt guillotine cutting in processing sheet metals as they can attain many advantages. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • Quick Turnaround Times– One of the advantages of guillotine cutting is it can achieve quick turnaround times. Guillotine cutting can be beneficial for businesses since workpieces can be processed in a very short time. And despite the short turnaround times, workpieces are still expected to boast great qualities. The process can even offer enhanced profit margins and minimised delays.
  • Outstanding Accuracy – Another advantage of guillotine cutting is it can process products without any inconsistencies. As long as the tools used have been maintained, guillotine cutting can conveniently produce a large number of products with accurate dimensions and specifications. The accuracy of these workpieces is even enhanced once the process is done by professionals.
  • Clean Product Finish – Aside from its outstanding accuracy, guillotine cutting can be advantageous to manufacturers as it can provide products with a clean and smooth finish. Once tough alloy guillotines are utilised in processing metal workpieces, manufacturers can effectively achieve products with the smoothest and cleanest finish out there.
  • Simplified Operations – One misconception about guillotine cutting is it is difficult. While the process is dangerous, the step-by-step process can be straightforward. Guillotine cutting’s easy to navigate learning curve allows qualified workers to carry it out without producing low-quality products and risking their lives.

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