Avoid Mobile Crane Hazards by Hiring the Best Mobile Crane Hire Services

15 July 2020

Mobile cranes can easily help building, construction, and other industries in moving and transferring heavy equipment and products from one place to another. Since they are mobile, these cranes can travel across and anywhere on site. Mobile cranes do not even need to be transported by heavy trucks since they are already equipped with wheels that allow them to be driven on the road.

There are numerous types of mobile cranes that are being utilised by construction industries. Some examples of mobile cranes are hydraulic cranes, all-terrain cranes, rough-terrain cranes, and crawler cranes. The only difference among these mobile cranes would only fall to their added functionalities. However, no matter what you choose, they would still perform the most basic operations of a crane.

Another thing that all mobile cranes share is the hazards of using them. Here are several mobile crane hazards that may occur during operations:

Falling Loads from the Crane

One common hazard that is prominent with mobile cranes is the falling of heavy loads from these cranes. Some root causes of falling loads include the incompetence of the crane operator, the improper loading of materials, the lack of routine inspections, maintenance, and repairs of the crane, and the occurrence of two blocking. Once the load falls from the crane, it can easily cause several injuries and even deaths. It can also damage the surrounding structures and properties.

Entanglement with Power Lines

Mobile cranes are designed to extend as high as they could possibly go. Therefore, they can get entangled and come into contact with overhead high-voltage power lines. Once the crane’s hoist line or boom touched an energised power lines, then the people who are directly touching and operating the crane may instantly get electrocuted and die. Workers in the vicinity can also be electrocuted if they are in contact with conductive materials around the crane.

Overloading of Mobile Cranes

Another key hazard of mobile crane operation is the overload of the equipment. Exceeding the operational and weight capacity of mobile cranes can easily subject them to structural stresses and permanent damage. Overloading of a mobile crane can happen if the operator suddenly swings or drops the load, hoist loads that are beyond the crane’s capacity, drag loads, use defective components, and side-load a boom.

Almost all the problems that can most likely trigger mobile crane hazards are caused by human error. So, one way to minimise the risks and dangers of operating mobile cranes in worksites is to hire professional and experienced crane services.

Fortunately, we at Sharp Crane Hire have fully trained drivers, riggers, and dogmen that can operate any cranes adeptly. Whether it is installing utility poles, structural steel components, swimming pools, air conditioners, or other items, our cranes can get the job done efficiently. You can also hire the services of a wide assortment of cranes from us since we have a fleet of them including crane borers.

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