Basic Overview of a Radial Drilling Machine

15 February 2021

When it comes to manufacturing processes, different industries have been utilising a wide array of drilling machines to get things done. Drilling machines are primarily designed to drill holes that have different sizes and depth on the surfaces of objects. These special machines can be used for tapping, reaming, spot facing, countersinking, counterboring, and many more.

One type of drilling machine that is often used by industries is the radial drilling machine. Radial drilling machines are mainly used in several manufacturing processes in the construction industry since they can readily fulfil specific requirements of various engineering functions.

Working Principles

The key to understanding the working principles of a radial drilling machine is to know its primary parts.

A radial drilling machine is comprised of a drilling head that is designed to slide along the radial arm. The radial arm is then positioned alongside the column so that the latter can support the radial arm’s movement. The same radial arm can be raised, lowered, or rotated, allowing necessary adjustments for the positioning of the drill above the workpiece.

A drill bit, which is a type of cutting tool, is fitted to the radial drilling machine to perform certain functions. The drill bit is composed of a large gear head that can move along the radial arm. As the radial arm swings and moves, the drill bit can effectively drill holes at numerous points on the workpiece. The workpiece throughout the entire process does not move as it is placed firmly at the base of the machine.

Numerous materials can be processed by radial drilling machines. Some of these materials include cast iron, steel, and plastic. They are also capable of performing various functions such as drilling, boring, tapping, reaming, lapping, screwing, counterboring, and spot facing.

Primary Benefits

Radial drilling machines have been known for their precision thanks to the positioning and functionality of their components. Their components are designed to ensure the smooth movement of the column as well as prevent any angular movement of the spindle axis. These machines can likewise hold a drill of a specific diameter, which can revolve at a particular rpm and perform necessary drilling operations.

Aside from their precision, radial drilling machines are also known for their versatility. As previously mentioned, they can carry out various functions that are truly helpful for many industries. The versatility of these machines also extends to the sizes of the holes that they can work as they can perform necessary actions with holes that are 30 to 100 mm in size.

Other primary benefits of radial drilling machines include their ability to work with large-sized workpieces and their ability to be used and operated quickly. They are likewise durable, cost-effective, precise, accurate, and highly adjustable.

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