Benefits of Crane Hire for Faster and Better Construction Project Finish

20 June 2016

Ask any residential builder or commercial contractor if they could use a crane, if they had one? They will all tell you, yes, if they had a crane available they would use it often in constructing homes, buildings and all types of structures, to move and install machinery, to reach higher elevations, to move earth and dig holes. Basically, any type of heavy load moving work that man struggles with could use a crane that is why crane hire for construction is so common.

Although, there are large construction companies that do have cranes, many times these end up hiring cranes to compensate when the company’s cranes are either too busy with other jobs or are mechanically unable to perform work safely. The bottom line is obvious, projects finish faster and better when crane hire for construction work is utilised.

Complete Construction Projects Faster and Better with Crane Hire

Good construction managers will utilise all the material, equipment and labour entrusted to them, to maximise safety, time, efficiency and the quality of workmanship, while at the same time monitoring cost control of the work being conducted. Because of this, and the ever-changing working environment, when contracted work falls behind schedule, it is usually the effective use of crane hire that saves the day.

It truly is amazing what cranes can accomplish today, especially in the hands of expert crane operators. In fact, some types of construction jobs and environmental conditions are not financially feasible without the use of cranes.

Productivity at the Job Site

Contractors constantly wrestle with orchestrating all the labour activity on their job sites, however, the age-old practice of measuring labour productivity as a unit of measurement, that is equal to a per labour hour agreed upon rate, it doesn’t add up to a profit in certain situations. However, when crane hire for construction work is utilised, a new level of measuring productivity can be used, and then a profitable plan can be devised.

It is often unfavourable weather conditions that plague contractors the most, and unexpected changes in the environment often cause delays during construction work. Unsafe working conditions for labour and certain types of machinery can also stop productivity at a job site for days. And, in many situation like this, cranes are the only machinery that can functions, thankfully.

Here at Sharp Cranes, we understand the concerns and needs of residential builders and commercial contractors. That is why we maintain a fleet of cranes that can meet the needs of any construction job site, such as 360 degree all terrain cranes, Slewing Mobile Cranes, Maeda Crawler Cranes, Crane Trucks and Crane Borers.

If you need some help getting the job done, for whatever reason, you can count on Sharp Cranes for hire, we can help get your project back on track.

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