Characteristics of Good Quality Crane Trucks

30 August 2017

Seeking out a crane truck hiring company with a peerless reputation is a daunting task, a prospect that’s made that much harder by determining the primary resource of the company. While the operator of this workhorse vehicle is certainly a candidate for this principal role, it’s actually the crane truck itself that earns this status. Now, you can gauge the reputation of the company and any prospective operators by drawing on your own judgment, or even go deeper and research the company. Use online reviews and local opinion to support that judgment call, but, as for vehicle worthiness, you must know relevant working characteristics before finalizing the hire. Here’s a cursory examination of the top qualities to be aware of when selecting your crane truck with confidence.

An Examination of the Boom

It’s the mechanism that draws the most attention, and there’s good reason for this magnetic appeal. The boom is the beast of burden in any lifting scenario. As such, it has to be built to perform. Check out the boom on a crane truck. Does it telescope or articulate? How far can it reach and how much can it lift? Those values will change because they rely on the next design factor.

Mechanical Surety of the Design

A crane manufacturer can inject all manner of technical aids into the design, but these aids will add up to so much eye candy unless they’re attached to a strong foundation. A robust crane truck is built from materials that are light enough to move with a standard internal combustion engine but tough enough to hoist a stated load. Evaluate the crane for top grade aluminium and cutting-edge steel alloys. These carbon-reinforced materials deliver a powerful integrity factor, one that won’t corrode, won’t bend during a heavy lift, and will never age prematurely when work conditions or weathering challenges the structure.

Reinforce Loading Capability with Vehicle-centric Features

The truck is outfitted with a powerful crane, the hydraulics system is up to the work at hand, and the structural integrity of the vehicle is sound, but what of the mobile aspects of the vehicle? In selecting a worthy crane, don’t overlook the quality of the vehicle. It must be responsive to drive and this fingertip control should be reflected by the boom controls when the vehicle is stationary. Next, check the wheels for traction and the suspension for a smooth ride, features that become crucial when transporting a weighty cargo across rough terrain.

In conclusion, keep the above characteristics in mind when making a hiring choice. Of course, these essential guidelines have to be tied to your own needs, to the requirements of your work project. Balance one against the other, vehicle worthiness against work demands, or better yet, let your crane truck hire manager aid you. Share your lifting specifications and arrive at the optimal choice together.

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