Crane Hire Services: Crane Trucks Explained

18 May 2023

Construction projects and transporting heavy equipment and materials are just some of the many applications for crane trucks.Other common uses include mining and logging. Crane trucks are simply trucks with a crane attached to the vehicle’s rear. This configuration enables the vehicles to lift and transport huge things from one area to another. The following is a list of some frequent applications for crane trucks:

Construction and Infrastructure

Crane trucks are frequently utilised in the construction sector to lift and transport large objects, such as steel beams, concrete slabs, and other building materials. Crane trucks are also used to handle various types of construction materials. To lift and move large equipment and materials, crane trucks are frequently utilised in infrastructure projects such as constructing roads and bridges.


Crane trucks may be useful in landscaping tasks since they can lift and transport big materials such as huge rocks, trees, and other objects.

Emergency Services

In the case of an accident or natural catastrophe, emergency services utilise crane trucks to lift and transport cars, equipment, and debris. Crane trucks may also be used to clear debris.


Crane trucks can move large machinery and supplies from one site to another, making them an excellent choice for businesses in various sectors, including mining, agriculture, and forestry.

Features Of A Crane Truck

Although there are several varieties of crane trucks, all of them have several qualities, including the following:

They can drive on either tracks or tyres and feature two- or four-wheel drive. They have to lift capacities greater than 350 horsepower, and it is often necessary to use a second engine to bring the crane into service. The length of the crane arm may extend to a maximum of 25 metres. In most versions, the crane is housed in the truck’s cab itself; however, on other models, it is installed in the back of the vehicle chassis. The most prevalent applications for this technology may be found in the construction and logistics industries, specifically for moving and lifting huge containers.

The Importance of Having a Crane Hire Service

For these jobs, crane trucks, which are particularly built to handle large lifting and moving duties, are required since these jobs would be difficult or impossible to do with any other equipment or with the use of personnel alone. Hiring crane trucks is necessary. Crane trucks are operated by skilled experts with the ability to lift and move big things safely and efficiently, hence decreasing the chance of accidents and injuries. Crane truck operators can lift and move huge objects safely. In addition, hiring crane trucks enables you to access the necessary equipment without making the significant initial expenditure necessary to acquire and maintain the necessary equipment. This may be especially helpful for individuals and smaller enterprises that only require crane trucks for certain projects or operations.

In a nutshell, crane trucks are important for lifting and transporting huge things in a manner that is both secure and effective. Its applications range from the building industry to the transportation sector. For large lifting and moving jobs, hiring crane trucks may give access to specialised equipment and skilled workers without the considerable upfront expenditure necessary to own and maintain the equipment.

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