Crane Rental Tips Advice Before Renting Your Chosen Crane

07 October 2019

Above all else, your rental crane has to satisfy your requirements. It’ll have to lift a stated load and do so from a stated distance, so its loading charts had better suit your unique needs. Capable of working for hours on end, the vehicle should maneuver as well as it lifts. That means its advertised lifting and driving features can’t be blunted by a hiring service who doesn’t understand the importance of a maintenance program.

Crane Rental Tips: Start at the Beginning

Considering the above, where do you begin? You can’t be dazzled by all the bells and whistles. Crane extras are always tempting, but you’re above that kind of thing. For the first order of business, shortlist a handful of potential contenders. These heavy lifters must meet a minimum set of conditions, all of which are impacted by the needs of your project.

Pack Up an Experienced Operator

That’s an unpleasant image. When hiring the vehicle, it’s not as if it’ll come with an operator packed away in a convenient utility closet. In reality, you talk to the hiring service and tell them about your project. Many top-tier crane rental companies encourage the inclusion of qualified and seasoned equipment operators. This certified individual can expertly drive the mobile lifter and safely manipulate the winch and hook assembly. Take note, though, if the job involves complex rigging work, more than one operator may be required.

Take Care of the Paperwork

Insurance payments, internet research, hire service credentials, and company history reports, all of these tasks can be written down on a checklist. As each assignment is completed, mark it with a checkmark. Before the grunt work begins, there’s still more to do, including the obtainment of work permits and city consent forms. Paperwork, it’s the bane of working life, but, at least at the hiring office, many of those documents are there to protect you and your company.

Go for a package deal, for it’ll save money and hasten the service. If you’re renting a crane, consider taking on a qualified operator as well. Odds are, the crane hire company will offer a certified crane driver. Following on from this approach, you also might be able to hire all the rigging and supplemental lifting paraphernalia from the rental service. Encouragingly, before the paperwork is signed, someone should show you around the cranes you’ve selected as potential project matches. Load charts will be covered during this period, plus any maintenance work that’s recently been carried out on the mobile crane. By the way, if the hiring agency doesn’t include an operator option, do employ someone who’s qualified to handle the equipment you’ve selected.

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