Crane Rentals in Melbourne: Most Important Factors to Consider Before Renting

30 January 2018

Swipe the sweat of anxiety away from your brow, because you’ve found a well-equipped crane rental service right here in Melbourne. You can take the company vehicle down to their offices, browse through their parked fleet, and come away with a crane rental contract that ideally suits your needs. Hang on, what factors are you using to select your rented heavy lifter? Come on, let’s weigh your options.

Unleash The Rental Benefits

If you’ve rented a crane before, you know there are literally many types of cranes waiting on the concrete stand behind the crane rental office. Driving down the Melbourne highway, right behind the fenced-in yard, you’ll see the tall solid booms and their lattice-reinforced cousins. Don’t be overwhelmed by the choices. Start by explaining your lifting requirements. The load, its dimensions, the ground type, all of these factors should be clearly determined before you pull into the office parking lot.

Gauging Rental Credibility

You’ve done your homework, you know what’s required, and you’re making a beeline towards a prospective crane rental vendor. Here, in Melbourne, you’re not likely to be stuck for choice. Narrow those choices by researching the potential company. Sure, it involves more homework, but isn’t the effort worth it if you end up with a reputable rental partner? Check past reviews online, look for insurance and licensing stamps, and find out what safety measures the company promotes.

Get Down to The Nitty-Gritty

Prepped and informed, your chosen crane rental service has reams of positive reviews and an impressive safety record. What about that fleet of heavy lifters? You need a vehicle that can navigate the type of ground you’ll be working on throughout the entirety of your project. Is this an all-weather, all-terrain lifting scenario? If so, you’ll need a crane that can mobilize its high-traction wheels. Furthermore, know a little about loading charts. Even if the extending boom has the reach, will it still safely hoist and relocate a nominated load when its extended like that?

In order to simplify the process, split it into two manageable chunks. In the first chunk, do your homework by checking reviews and ensuring the Melbourne-based hiring agent is backed by a reputable service history. Insurance and licensing factors come next, then you’re into the hardware side of the search. For this most important half of the selection process, always ensure you select the right crane for your lifting needs. Always opt for a crane that has the capacity, lifting features, and mobile accessibility requirements you’ll absolutely require to get the job done safely.

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