Cranes for Hire: Type of Projects that RequireAll-Terrain Cranes

22 June 2023

All-terrain cranes are versatile machines that can be used for various projects. These cranes are designed to work on rough terrain and can travel on public roads and construction sites. You’ll want to consider hiring an all-terrain crane for challenging terrains and difficult-to-reach locations.

What Is An All-Terrain Crane?

An all-terrain crane is a mobile crane designed to operate on all terrain, including rough or uneven ground. These cranes have large tyres and powerful engines that cantraverse difficult terrains easily. They also can extend their boom to reach high elevations, making them ideal for a wide range of construction projects.

What Is The Maximum Weight That An All-Terrain Crane Can Lift?

The maximum weight that an all-terrain crane can lift varies depending on the make and model of the crane. However, most all-terrain cranes can lift between 100 and 1,000 tonnes.

Are All-Terrain Cranes Expensive To Hire?

The cost of hiring an all-terrain crane varies depending on the size of the crane and the length of the hire period. However, all-terrain cranes are generally more expensive to hire than standard mobile cranes due to their versatility and ability to work on rough terrain.

If you’re working on a project that involves lifting heavy objects in a challenging location, an all-terrain crane is likely the best option. Here are some of the types of projects that require an all-terrain crane:

Construction of High-Rise Buildings

All-terrain cranes are essential for the construction of high-rise buildings. These cranes can lift heavy loads to great heights, making them perfect for installing steel beams, hoisting pre-cast concrete panels, and lifting construction materials.

Bridge Construction and Maintenance

All-terrain cranes are also used in bridge construction and maintenance. They can manoeuvre on uneven surfaces and easily lift and place heavy materials. This makes them ideal for installing bridge beams and placing concrete segments.

Wind Turbine Installation and Maintenance

Wind turbines are often located in remote and hard-to-reach areas, such as on top of mountains or offshore in the ocean. All-terrain cranes are commonly used in the installation and maintenance of wind turbines. These cranes can reach the height required to install the turbines and navigate through difficult terrain to reach remote locations.

Industrial Projects

All-terrain cranes are often used in industrial projects such as the construction of factories and warehouses. These cranes can lift heavy machinery and materials, making them ideal for installing conveyor belts, hoisting large storage tanks, and placing heavy industrial equipment.

Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects

All-terrain cranes are essential for large-scale infrastructure projects such as dams and airports. These projects require heavy lifting and precise placement of materials, which can be easily achieved using an all-terrain crane.

Disaster Relief Efforts

In the aftermath of natural disasters, all-terrain cranes are often used to lift heavy debris and clear blocked roads. They can also lift and move emergency supplies, such as generators and water tanks, to affected areas.

In conclusion, all-terrain cranes are versatile machines that are ideal for a variety of projects. From the construction of high-rise buildings to wind turbine installation and maintenance, these cranes can handle heavy lifting tasks on rough terrain. By hiring an all-terrain crane, you can ensure that your project is completed efficiently and safely.

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