Electrical Posts for Real Estate Projects: Why Hire Mobile Crane Services?

11 September 2019

Real estate managers are responsible for an exhausting number of contrasting housing layouts. Down a tree-lined street, long stretches of road are the norm. Then there are the newer cul-de-sacs and labyrinthine neighbourhoods that pack homes into increasingly smaller parcels of land. It’s no wonder, then, that mobile crane services get a call for help, for only a compact electrical post installer can make its way through these tiny streets.

Safety-First On a Night Street

Although every single person in Australia seems to own a vehicle of some kind, people here like to walk. Even if they’re not perambulating down the pavement, there might be a few kids at play. A car comes along, its headlights are on low beam, and the driver can kind of see these pedestrians walking or playing. That’s not a safe state-of-affairs, right? To keep everyone, including the family cat or dog, entirely safe, real estate projects require electrical posts. The posts come mounted with lamps. Alternatively, more commonly, they carry electrical cables in great loops towards a structure. From the local substation to the street or area switch box, the tall posts safely support those highly charged overhead cables.

Mobile Crane Services Navigate Tiny Streets

This is the problem, the fact that modern streets are mixing roads and pedestrian-only surfaces. A centrally located car park might be situated at the end of a narrow lane, then a number of paved lanes take off from here towards a group of semi-detached homes. Clearly, a large crane can easily work along those roads, but it’s stuck at the pavement edge as soon as it goes down one of the lanes. This is a job for a compact pole installer, for a team and crane that’ll safely navigate the pedestrian zones. Tasked with raising lamp and electrical posts, the work proceeds fast. Of course, safety barriers and warning signs go up when this job is carried out in an area where people live and walk, but that’s a fairly standard feature. Even trenching services require barriers, after all.

Safety comes first, every single time. If low to medium voltage cables are to be mounted on electrical poles, a pair of workers and a step ladder can’t do the work, not without introducing an unacceptable risk factor. Likewise, a scaffolding platform, even one that travels on casters, just isn’t a realistic option. For real estate projects, a mobile crane service is a sensible option, obviously. Larger cranes for taller posts work on streets that have roads. But for pedestrian complexes, places that centralize vehicle parking facilities, a smaller, more compact mobile crane is the best answer.

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