Everything that You Should Know about Crane Borers

12 April 2021

Generally, cranes are designed to lift and move heavy loads to elevated heights. These functions alone have been very useful for industries, especially those that must move objects around the site easily. As for placing certain components on the ground, industries can then utilise crane borers.

There are certain components of crane borers that allow them to be very useful in industries, especially when it comes to construction and power distribution. With their ability to turn the crane parts and place them toward the ground, they can easily generate holes with various diameters and depths. With these holes, workers can place poles, streetlights, and others without any difficulties.

General Overview of Crane Borers

Crane borers are often fitted on the back of a truck. And for their hydraulic system to work, they utilise the engine from the truck to power everything up. As for the operators of the crane borers, they are usually located on the right-hand rear of the boom so that they can see everything. They also operate the crane borers by utilising hydraulic controls so that they can work optimally.

Aside from their overall composition, crane borers can be connected to components so that they can carry out their main functions. One of these components is the pendulum borer, which is often utilised for auguring holes. Another component that can compact the soil around a hole installation is the hydraulic tamper. One more component that can be used in stabilising the pole during installation is the jaws.

Crane Borers Notable Benefits

Given the general composition of crane borers, they can easily perform numerous functions throughout their operations. These pieces of equipment can be used in erecting timber, concrete, and steel power poles. They can also hold, grab, or support the poles whenever necessary. The replacement of power poles, ground and pole transformers and other devices can also be conducted by crane borers. Installation of streetlights and traffic lights can likewise be managed by these equipment pieces.

What makes crane borers optimal for these functions and operations is that they easily cover long distances due to their mounting arrangement. They can even work in areas that have limited access because of their mobile and compact form factor. They likewise have optimal off-road traction due to the existence of cross locks and power dividers. They can also work closely to the job, given that they utilise stabiliser legs. Ultimately, crane borers can be versatile as they can work in any directions.

Obtain High-Quality Crane Borers

To hire high-quality crane borers, feel free to contact us at Sharp Welding and Crane Hire. You can rely on us with confidence for all our crane hire services since our employees understand how to handle our cranes skilfully and carefully to perform the job correctly and safely. They know what can happen with these machines during mishaps and strive daily to avoid such unpleasant, dangerous situations.

And since we have a fleet of cranes available to provide you with a wide assortment of choices, including crane borers, you can hire the crane the suits your job in an ideal manner.

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