FAQ’s in Choosing and Hiring the Right Crane for the Job

27 August 2018

When you are planning your construction gig, there are plenty of details that you have to pay special attention to. No matter the size of the building or the goal of the property, you are going to need to hire cranes to help you make your project a reality. On the surface, getting the right crane seems relatively easy, doesn’t it? The truth, however, is that there is a lot that goes into selecting the right crane for the job. Today, we’re going to outline a few key questions you need to ask yourself before hiring a crane for your project. We’ll also highlight a few of the most commonly used cranes in the construction industry.

Finding the Right Crane for Your Project

No matter what construction project you are working on, be it a bridge or a parking garage, you are going to end up hiring a crane in order to finish the project. Cranes help you by lifting, hauling and transporting materials that are too large, heavy and cumbersome to move in any other way. While most cranes have, at least, a superficial similarity to one another, they operate in vastly different ways. In fact, the kind of project you are working on can decide what kind of crane you need. Here are a few important questions you need to ask yourself before selecting a crane.

1) What kind of materials am I working with?

The most important question of our discussion: what materials are you working with for your project? Depending on your material choices, the size and weight will change rather dramatically. You need a crane that can appropriately accommodate the burden that your building materials will instill.

2) What is the state of the construction site?

Next, you need to know what the environment at your construction site is going to be like. How is the terrain? Is the ground going to be level? Is the terrain going to be rough and hard to deal with? Depending on the quality of your construction site, the kind of crane you choose will change.

3) What is my budget for this project? 

Finally, you need to take a moment in order to take stock of your budget. There are a variety of different crane options available at a variety of different price points.

4) What kind of cranes are there?

We’ll close out our discussion by briefly highlighting a few different, common types of cranes that you will see. The most common categories of cranes are as follows: Tower Cranes, Crawler Cranes, and All Terrain Cranes.

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