Guillotine Steel Cutting Machine: A Necessity in Steel Fabrication Services

28 June 2018

No matter what industry you operate in, there is going to be a time when you need help with fabrication. For that reason, we have been busy here at Welding and Crane Hire since the ’80s when our business first opened its doors. One of the most popular services that we offer involves one of the most common materials that we deal with: steel. Today, we are going to gear our discussion toward the subject of guillotine steel cutting. We are going to talk about the process of guillotine steel cutting as well as the various benefits that the fabrication process can offer to customers. Are you ready to become informed on the process of steel fabrication?

Steel Fabrication Services and the Importance of Guillotine Steel Cutting

Steel fabrication is the busiest aspect of our company, and for good reason. No other aspect of our business is prevalent in as many industries as steel fabrication. Steel is used in just about everything, from construction to engineering, and that means that you’ll need to be able to access the material you need, when your project demands it. The beating heart of steel fabrication revolves around a device known as the guillotine steel cutting machine. What is this machine? What does it do? Let’s jump right in so that we can answer your question.

1) What is a guillotine steel cutting machine?

Also known as a power shear, guillotine steel cutting machines are massive pieces of equipment that allow you to quickly fabricate items in a specific design. Essentially, your steel is fed into the machine whereupon a large blade moves down, at a specific and pre-set angle, in order to establish a quick and concise cut.

2) What are the benefits of guillotine steel cutting?

The most obvious benefit of a guillotine steel cutting machine is that it allows you to quickly and effectively produce a fabricated product. The automation of the cutting means you are saving time and money while limiting potential problems that would otherwise come up.

Accomplish All of Your Fabrication Needs with Welding and Crane Hire

At this point in time, you should be well versed in the fabrication process of guillotine steel cutting. If you are in need of these steel cutting services, then you have come to the right place. Here at Welding and Crane Hire, we have been serving customers in Melbourne, Geelong, and Regional Victoria since the 1980’s. We are a full-service company that offers extensive services in a variety of different areas.

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