High Quality Radial Drilling Machines for Hire

20 May 2019

As a rule, a contractor who needs to break ground shouldn’t take shortcuts when hiring an excavator; with radial drilling machines, that rule becomes an absolute mandate. Less a guideline and more a weighty company policy, a mast-mounted radial drill, plus all of its attached equipment parts, should always be chosen by a shrewd company representative. When all is said and done, a paying customer wants a high-quality rig.

In Search Of Quality-Assured Drilling

This is a challenging job. Done right, a correctly sized ground hole is made and prepped to accept a straight-standing tree or lamppost or security fence support. But if the equipment is poorly maintained or just poorly designed, then the edges of the ground opening will crumble. The gap collapses, and the work needs to be done all over again. Worse yet, worse than a productivity compromise, the final results take a quality hit. That fence support can be shoved to one side without much effort. As for the tall trees and lampposts, they lean crazily to one side because the radial drilling machine isn’t doing its job properly.

Don’t Accept Second-Rate Consequences

The repercussions are becoming clear. There’s nothing secure about a fence that has shaky supports. Even a strong tree root system won’t help if that arboreal weight leans too far to one side. And then there are electric cables in lamppost pits. If they become exposed, maybe because the hole has crumbled and the metal post is bent drunkenly forward, then the elements will penetrate the wiring and short out the lighting. Hole excavating work, as proven by the above case studies, must be done with high-quality radial drilling equipment. A popular brand, as promoted by a knowledgeable crane hire company will do a better job than some generic machine. But check this machine out to make sure the promotional talk isn’t all hype and no substance.

One shortcut is acceptable at this point. Simply find a computer and sleuth through all local crane hire companies. If a shortlist of radial drilling machines has been put down on paper, check them out to see if they really have earned their reputations. From here, the final candidate is imminent. The vehicle is well-maintained, which is good because the slow-rotating cutting drill is submitted to torturous stresses. Concealed ground rocks can damage the drill edges. Corrosion, caused by trapped groundwater, can also take its toll, with the drill gaining an ugly orange-brown patina. Sluicing off of the cutting discs, the oxidizing water also penetrates the equipment/excavator parts. By hiring premium-grade digging equipment, such issues are averted.

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