How On-site Welding Can Be Beneficial for Construction Projects

29 July 2016

Separatism-heavy workflows hamper productivity, especially when the work cycle is mobile. Imagine a project leader organising the scheduled segments on a worksite. He orders the crane, times the arrival of building materials, and tries to fit work teams around arriving assets. A full package solution transcends this piecemeal approach by assuming multiple roles. Principally, erection tasks benefit from this multidisciplinarian methodology, with on-site welding teams playing a key part of the erection process.

The Building Blocks of Site Erection

In essence, we’re trying to avoid logistical issues. Certainly, a leading construction agency can organize crane arrivals and ensure a welding company is on hand to cut and weld the sections securely in place, but timing problems can really mess up this organizational stance. The result of a poorly executed logistical solution is costly delays, problems that can have a knock-on effect and disrupt the whole project. Therefore, in adding an on-site welding squad to a crane hire operation, we guarantee seamless erection, a direct move from steel fabricated transportation to the actual assembly stage.

The Assurance of Mobile Welding Proficiency

Certain conditions have to be met when a company incorporates a mobile welding division. There are many types of welding gear available, and not every form is suited to outdoor work. Additionally, special vans and trucks need to be outfitted, certified welders need to be employed, and work environments have to be assessed. Still, the on-the-spot advantages are obvious. The erection assets arrive together, and, yes, we’re classing both the structural components and the welders as assets. Work can begin immediately, and this work goes beyond basic bolt-on fasteners.

Simply the Superior Fastening Method

Old construction documentaries show black and white footage of hot rivets being pounded home. Bolting technology moved structural integrity forward, thus marking the passing of the pneumatically mounted rivet. Today, onsite-welding rigs are portable, electrically powered, and safe to operate, so structural welds are reliable. Indeed, it’s robust and durable, so structural welding technology is a natural extension of steel fabrication. It’s the deform-resistant solution that uses a permanent joining technique, one that uses intense heat to melt filler metals to base metals and create a joint that’s as strong as the steel sections used to erect the structure.

Perceived as a logistical solution and as a means of eliminating slip-prone fasteners, on-site welding teams partner seamlessly with site cranes, so a crane hire company that offers such an asset is one that’s determined to incorporate a full package erection service.

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