How to Become a Licenced Crane Operator in Melbourne

13 October 2020

Crane operations will always be risky and dangerous, which is why authorities require those who want to operate cranes to possess all the needed requirements and pass certain special assessments or exams. But once the needed license is acquired, it can effectively bump up the credibility of a crane operator.

If you want to become a licensed crane operator here in Melbourne, then you might want to know some important information first. Some of the information that you must know would mostly revolve around the responsibilities of a crane operator and the requirements needed to become a licensed and qualified crane operator.

Responsibilities of a Crane Operator

Knowing the responsibilities of a crane operator is important before getting all your needed requirements to be licensed. The following are some of the tasks and duties that a crane operator would have to do.

  • Carry out vital inspections and maintenance on crane equipment and components
  • Check the condition of the ground and the surroundings where the crane will be set up
  • Move the crane and strategically position its hook to make load attachment easier
  • Install timber blocks or steel plates under the outrigger pads of the crane
  • Position the crane with the same level on the outriggers before lifting or placing a load
  • Follow and obey the signals given by the team on the ground for safe crane operations

Aside from these tasks and duties, licenced crane operators can also perform activities even if they are not operating the cranes themselves. They may be a part of a team that checks and maintains the cranes. They may likewise test the operation of the cranes, control load movement, and many more.

Becoming a Licenced Crane Operator

There are numerous personal requirements that you need to do fulfill before becoming a licenced crane operator. For one, you must be at least 18 years of age when you apply for the licence. Additionally, you must have the ability to concentrate for long periods, see things clearly at various distances, work comfortably at heights, follow verbal and visual instructions very carefully, and work as part of a team. Without these basic requirements, it would be difficult for you to operate the cranes at the actual site.

But if you have these personal requirements, then you can now proceed to the actual steps of becoming a licenced crane operator. One of the things that you should do to acquire the needed licence is to complete a crane operator training course from a registered organisation. You must also need to obtain a high-risk work license, accreditation for working at heights, accreditation for intermediate rigging, and a dogging licence from Safe Work Australia. To enable entry to different construction sites in Australia, you must likewise obtain a White Card through registered training organisations.

Working under the supervision of a licensed operator is also a must before acquiring the needed licences as it already serves as the actual training and experience towards operating different types of cranes under various working conditions.


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