How to Select the Right Crane for Your Construction Project?

10 May 2021

The construction industry has been maximising the cranes for a very long time now. Thanks to the cranes’ ability to lift and move heavy objects around a site, contractors that carry out construction projects can ensure that their operations can be done promptly with these functional machines.

But not all cranes are made equal. Cranes, after all, may come in a wide array of features, form factors, and functions. Some cranes can only work optimally if they are fixed on the ground, while others utilise trucks or mobile platforms so they can easily move around the site. The specifications of crane parts may also vary according to their intended use and application.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways on how to select the right crane for a project. If you want to acquire the best crane for your construction project, then you may want to consider the following.

Load Weight

One of the few things that you must consider when looking for the right type of crane for your project is the weight of the load to be lifted. Cranes have certain lifting capacity limits to ensure that they will not suddenly break while conducting crucial operations. Knowing the load weight allows you to pick a crane that is fit for your project. If you will be using a high-capacity crane for a small load, then you will only waste plenty of resources. A low-capacity crane for heavy load, alternatively, will only lead to accidents.

Lift Height

The boom of the crane can often extend to certain heights. And for your project, you must know how high your load needs to go to ensure that your crane boom has the needed length during its operations. Most of the time, construction projects have vertical orientation, which only means that the crane must have a long boom length. You must, however, consider all the surrounding elements of the site. Even the weather conditions must be checked beforehand to guarantee a safe lifting process.

Moving Distance

Another thing to consider when picking a crane for your project is its moving distance. While the lift height entails the vertical distance of your crane, the horizontal distance pertains to the crane movement on a site. If you need to relocate your crane to another spot, then you can fully maximise mobile cranes. A crane with rails, alternatively, can be a great option for a fixed path of movement. Ultimately, cranes that have heavier support and a more stable structure are great for projects that do not require relocation.

Site Access

Considering the accessibility of your project site can be very helpful in picking your crane. Cranes, as mentioned, can boast different form factors. Some cranes are mobile and compact, while others feature huge dimensions. Those that are mobile and compact can easily access project sites with tight access areas. They can even traverse rough terrains, especially if they are equipped with rubber tires. Heavy-duty cranes, on the other hand, require additional support for them to be transported effectively.

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