Key Advantages and Applications of Radial Drilling Machines

02 December 2021

Machines have truly enhanced the way the manufacturing industry carry out its processes. And as time passes, various parts and products are easily created thanks to the arrival of more capable machines.

One machine that has truly helped the manufacturing industry come up with tons of parts and products is the drilling machine. Drilling machines are machines that can drill different sizes of holes on workpieces. Aside from drilling holes, drilling machines can also conduct tapping, countersinking, counterboring, spot facing, and reaming processes.

Different types of drilling machines can be maximised by manufacturers today. One of these types is known as the radial drilling machine.

An Introduction to Radial Drilling Machines

Radial drilling machines are drilling machines that can conduct various engineering functions thanks to their accompanying coolant system and power feed of the spindle. They likewise maximise a drilling head that is installed alongside the radial arm. The radial arm can be raised, rotated, or lowered so that the drill can move and be adjusted above the workpiece. Some workpiece materials that the radial drilling machines can typically handle include steel, plastic, and cast iron.

The radial drill of these machines possesses a large gear head that can move alongside the radial arm. This specific drill maximises a cutting tool known as the drill bit. Once the radial arm moves, it can effectively swing the drill head away, enabling the placement of the workpiece on the machines’ base. The swinging action of the radial arm enables the drill bit to put some holes on the stationary workpiece.

Radial Drilling Machines’ Main Advantages

Radial drilling machines can carry out tons of machining processes just to ensure that parts and products can be produced. Some notable processes that these machines can conduct are boring, drilling, tapping, counterboring, spot facing, screwing, reaming, and lapping. The abundance of processes that they can carry out allows manufacturers to save some money.

The precision and effectiveness of parts and products matter in the market today. And through their capable parts, radial drilling machines can conveniently produce parts that have precise specifications and appeal. These qualities are possible as radial drilling machines can generate holes of various sizes, which can range from 30 mm to 100 mm. With radial drilling machines, manufacturers can easily offer these products and expect a notable return on investment as their operations continue.

Radial drilling machines can also generate holes on large workpieces without repositioning them, tilt the workpieces for faster project turnaround, and process durable workpieces conveniently.

Key Applications of Radial Drilling Machines

Radial drilling machines’ advantages make them perfect for a lot of industries. Some industries that can maximise these machines in drilling holes to strong and durable workpieces are the automotive, engineering, and printing industries.

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