Maeda Mini Crawler Cranes for Hire in Melbourne: Excellent for Small Spaces and Confined Lifting

23 March 2018

Small in stature, Maeda Mini Crawler Cranes are big in other ways. Take one example of this compact form factor in action. Crawler tracks effortlessly maneuvering around a confined space, perhaps around an old Melbourne neighbourhood, the 600-mm wide crane chassis angles toward its final destination. Unpacking its collapsible boom, the MC104CER unfolds its 4 articulating outriggers. The spider crane has arrived, and it’s packing some serious lifting power.

Arachnid Power: Maeda Mini Crawler Cranes

It’s true, these diminutive lifters look like metal spiders when they park and fully unpack their stabilizing limbs. The mechanical outriggers bend and push down at positions that are designed to augment the chassis profile. Using the MC104CER example mentioned above, a model hired in Melbourne, that small piece of equipment doesn’t look much larger than a few bulky suitcases thrown together, not when all of its parts are folded back into its main body. It cruises through narrow passageways, guided by an in-pursuit operator, up portable transition mats, and into a confined lifting site. Then, when the outriggers are freed, a 5.5-kW motor drives a boom and hook that offers 0.995t of pure load hoisting muscle. Perfect for a wide range of applications, these small spider cranes are big performers.

Exploring the Hire Options

Two routes can be taken when a crane hiring company gets serious in Melbourne or any other major city, for that matter. There are the all-rounders, the equipment that does it all, then there are the fleets of differently equipped cranes that are designed to suit specific operations. Well, Maeda Mini Crawler Cranes are designed as all-purpose loaders and mobile off-loaders, plus they’re available as differently sized fleet members. There’s the MC104CER, with its 5.5-m maximum lift height and 5.1-m maximum radius work swing. Alternatively, right at the top of the pack, there’s the MC815C, the beast of this compact lifting family. This mobile crane packs a 30.5-kW motor into a 1670-mm wide, 5900-mm long body. Capable of lifting then shifting an 8-ton load, this is the king of the spider crane fleet.

The MC104C is the smallest of the small but a big performer, nonetheless. The MC815C crowns the family, delivers more strength, and it solidifies the fleet’s reputation as a superior confined space lifting champion. Equipped with non-marking rubber tracks and the following bleeding-edge features, these machines are game changers. Hired in Melbourne, those operational traits include a diagnostic display panel, a tilt alarm, a crane/travel 2-speed function, and all of the extras a client would expect from this elite crane manufacturer.

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