Main Functions and Uses of Crane Borers

25 July 2018

Most cranes are designed to lift loads to great heights. Crane borers turn conventional load transportation approaches on their head. Instead of hoisting items, they turn their working parts toward the ground. Crane borers carve holes into the ground. Equipped with a massive helical bit, an equipment operator can bore holes of varying diameters and depths. Here’s the mobile auger now, preparing to drill the ground for some streetlights.

The Main Functions of Mobile Augers 

Crane borers don’t carry heavy loads up to elevated work areas. Instead of squinting at a higher floor or a platform for newly arrived building materials, the crane operator is eyeing the ground. Built to work as a large-scale tool, one that cuts into the ground, what jobs could possibly benefit from such a service?

  • Pole digging
  • Deep foundation work
  • Plant holes (tree planting, etc)
  • Taking geological samples
  • Well drilling

Construction sites and street modification projects require the services of mobile augers. If there’s new street lighting going in, then there’s going to be a crane borer nearby. It’ll roll up, extend its tall helical drill bit, and drill the pole holes. Elsewhere, another crane is getting to work on the deep foundations that are needed to properly support a tall structure. Concrete piles are lowered after the augering process is done.

Nature’s Drilling Service 

Cranes aren’t just built to solve large-scale lifting and transportation problems, although they’re obviously well-suited for those duties. Out in a field, a crane borer is drilling the hole for a well, which fills with precious water after the crane has pulled its screw-like tool out of the vertically inclined shaft. A tree nursery is next. The arriving auger bores the root chambers, the hole walls accept the trees, and the arboreal load springs free of the equipment with self-supporting strength. Supremely adaptable, crane borers are essentially built to straddle several work areas, so they’re in no way restricted to building sites.

On a Monday, a crane borer is digging holes for fence posts and street lighting. By Tuesday, it’s dispatched to a busy building site to carve out the deep foundations of a new apartment complex, one that’s set to rise a dozen floors or more in the next few weeks. For the rest of the week, the equipment is heading out of town. It’s digging wells and irrigation systems, then it’s heading down a small country road to help a landscaping business dig small-diameter tree holes. Without a doubt, the main functions of crane borers are practically unlimited.

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