Necessary Controls that Allow Sharp Welding and Crane Hire to Perform Guillotining Safely

29 April 2021

Guillotining is a metal fabrication process wherein guillotines are used in generating clean, accurate cuts of sheet metal. While these tools can help produce great cuts of sheet metal, they can also be harmful and even deadly due to their sharp blades. Without following any safety precautions and necessary controls, guillotines can quickly crush or amputate operators and other people. Body strains can likewise be obtained when someone carries or handles sheet metal workpieces towards these tools.

To avoid any injuries and issues related to guillotining, we, at Sharp Welding and Crane Hire, follow and conduct necessary controls for the safety of all the people around the site. Some of the hazards that are common during guillotining and their appropriate controls that we adhere to are as follows:

Loading of Sheet Metal Workpieces

Sheet metal workpieces can be heavy, especially if they are fully stacked. And as workers carry them towards the guillotines and other places, there is a huge possibility that their hands may obtain deep cuts. Muscle strains can also be acquired if they did not carry them appropriately. To avoid any of these risks, we make sure that our employees wear protective gloves all the time. We likewise utilise mechanical aids to lift the sheet metal workpieces, especially if they must be stored at elevated locations.

Working around Clamp and Blades

Clamps are often used to ensure that the workpieces will stay in place during the guillotining operations. And to successfully carry out the said operations, sharp blades must be used and maximised. Those who are working around these devices are at risk of obtaining deep cuts, amputation, and other crushing injuries, which could be fatal at times. To avoid these risks, we ensure that machine guards are installed properly to separate the point of closure at these harmful tools. A collection point is also identified so that the operators do not have to reach the off-cuts from the back of the guillotine.

Working Below or with Heavy Items

Heavy items such as stacked sheet metal workpieces and other tools necessary for guillotining operations can cause serious injuries once they suddenly fall from great heights. Unnecessary movement of these things can also cause issues, particularly bruising, deep cuts, and amputation. As a control, we ensure that the machine guards can isolate the point of closure at the guillotining machines and tools. We also utilise interlocked guards so that any entanglement problems can be avoided. Presence sensing devices are also installed to prevent guillotines from working until they are fixed.

Conducting Upkeep and Maintenance

Maintenance is essential to the longevity and performance of guillotines. And during these times, these devices are shut down to avoid causing injuries. However, some of their parts can still be harmful. Even with minimum contact with their parts, they can easily cause cuts, bruises, and fractures. Therefore, we make sure that the power supplies of these devices will be shut down before conducting the assessment, cleaning, and upkeep. Those that have failed inspection will then be removed and can only be used once repaired or replaced. Safe upkeep procedures are likewise followed and are conducted by professionals.

To acquire safe and quality guillotining services, just give us a call at Sharp Welding and Crane Hire.


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