On-site Welding Services – Geelong and Western Melbourne: What are the Benefits?

26 October 2017

The Geelong and Western Melbourne district hugs the waters around Port Phillip Bay. City to coast, the region has many connecting roads. They look east across those water and west towards nature reserves. Like any other well-connected city, there are engineering workshops dotting the streets. What about on-site welding services? Well, that’s when the good citizens of Geelong turn to an engineering partner that’s equipped with portable welding solutions.

Region-Specific Portable Welding

The Sharp Welding and Crane Hire team have worked hard to develop enduring relationships in and around Western Melbourne. After all, pipes need a reliable on-site welding service here in Geelong, so we’ve cultivated a special relationship with Downer Utilities, a company that provides its customers with water, gas, power, and a range of renewable energy sources. Acting as a major contractor for Downer Utilities and several other key gas pipe installation services in Geelong and Western Melbourne, our on-site welding services spend a great deal of time working on utility pipes around here, and that bias towards this district will only grow stronger as the area develops.

Dispatch-Ready Vehicle Services

Are welding services designed to be portable? Once upon a time, people would have laughed at that concept. Structural fabrication work and offshore oil platforms have transformed the industry. A peek inside one of our two fully-equipped vehicles confirms this truism. Portable welding gear easily rolls up ramps and into the backs of utility trucks. They’re packed with the multi-purpose tools and welding rigs that are built to be transported to work sites. Frankly, there’s not a lot a small welding service can do back in the workshop that can’t be just as efficiently addressed on-site when these portable equipment packs are offloaded from their vehicle storage bays. As for worksite specificity, we’ve already been found guilty of name dropping by mentioning our role in the Downer Utilities family, so we’ll add Barwon Water to the list. Here at Sharp Welding and Crane Hire, we provide a well-respected maintenance service that Barwon Water, among others, can absolutely rely upon.

Among the specific services we promote, a versatile engineering mindset rockets to the top of the list. The equipment is portable, the accessories are loaded, and all of this gear is tidily packed into the backs of our two vehicles. Still, a healthy dose of adaptability is the glue that augments those services. Subterranean utility pipes or overhead structures, we’re agents for metal jointing excellence here in Western Melbourne. Incidentally, we also have the hire cranes to send those welding services as high as our Geelong customers require.

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