Primary Features of an All-Terrain Franna Crane

27 July 2021

Cranes are generally created to ensure the safe lifting and movement of heavy objects from one place to another. With their working principles, these cranes can truly allow several industries to perform their intended operations. Some industries that maximise cranes include storage, automotive, manufacturing, construction, power, shipbuilding, and recycling.

The general working principles of cranes may be needed by these industries. However, their site conditions and actual operations typically vary. That is why a wide range of crane types are being produced on the market right now.

One type of crane type that can be utilised by industries is the all-terrain Franna crane.

A History of the Franna Cranes

Before knowing the features of the all-terrain Franna crane, you must understand first the origin of the said crane. The Franna crane was first designed in 1978 by Dave Francis, an Australian engineer. The name of the crane was derived from the combination of names Dave and Anna, the daughter of the engineer. The Franna crane business was then sold to Lou Parolin and Brian Hain, who then used the existing crane design to manufacture different prototypes.

By the time the heavy equipment manufacturing company Terex acquired the Franna Cranes Pty Ltd from Parolin and Hain in 1999, the company was known for selling a thousand units of the said crane to various industries right away.

Franna Crane Notable Features

Franna cranes have been and are still very popular in a lot of project sites today due to their versatility and functionality as opposed to other types of cranes.

Even though these cranes have retained the lifting abilities of other cranes, one component of the Franna cranes has been moved to provide greater visibility for the crane operators. The driver’s cab on these cranes has been relocated at the front of the crane, enabling the whole crane to not only lift and move objects more clearly but also be driven and moved on any type of road and terrain.

The lifting and movement capabilities of Franna cranes typically range between 10 metric tons and 25 metric tons. Paired with their ability to move across the site, they can truly perform well on sites despite the absence of other types of tools and machines. They can even function well despite the omission of stabilisers and outriggers. Franna cranes can, ultimately, minimise labour and operation costs, ensuring that project managers can save a lot of money.

Maximise Franna Cranes Today

Franna cranes are truly compact, mobile, functional, and cost-effective. These benefits alone can ensure that project sites can finish their operations within their proposed project timeline. If you need to gain access to all-terrain Franna cranes, feel free to give us a call at Sharp Welding and Crane Hire Services. We have been in business since 1980, and we understand how to provide top-quality welding, structural steel fabrication, maintenance, erection and ‘crane hire’ services to a wide assortment of clients.

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