Proper Crane Maintenance and Its Impact on Safety

31 May 2016

Here at Sharp Welding and Crane Hire, we provide first-rate crane services to our clients, with the ability to offer steel fabrication packages that include qualified, crane drivers, dogmen and riggers. For over 30 years our company has experienced a steady growth rate of success, and we believe it is due to some very important business practices, mainly, putting safety first and delivering excellent service.

Crane Hire and the Importance of Proper Crane Maintenance

Proper crane maintenance is the essential ingredient to any company’s safety plan, and lack of it spells assured disaster. Cranes come in many shapes and sizes, and, although they are designed to move great amounts of weight in all types of conditions, if any part of these large machines breaks while in operation, then personnel and property is at great risk of harm.

A Sharp Welding, our crane drivers and support personnel are very knowledgeable about maintaining and servicing all of our cranes, and we are proud to say that our company meets and exceed all standard safety checks, and that thoroughly maintaining our machinery is a daily routine procedure. Our customers would not expect less.

Proper Maintenance Prevents Safety Hazards

Working with heavy weight is a good example of how proper maintenance of overhead cranes is so important in preventing safety hazards, such as dropped loads. Other than operator error, or improper rigging, a faulty lifting device, frayed cables, a malfunctioning hydraulic system, such as worn pumps and seals, can cause serious damage to property and even death. This is exactly why our company provides continuous crane safety training and maintenance procedures to all crane operators and dogmen.

Basically, crane safety and maintenance go hand-in-hand, and these are truly at the core of Sharp Welding’s business success. To meet any inspection or test requirements set by local laws and regulations, here are some of the following proper crane maintenance procedures that we conduct on all of our cranes to help prevent dropped loads.

  • Inspect that all wires and rope are not twisted or frayed, and then report and replace any damaged lines.
  • Check that all engine and hydraulic fluid levels are full, and that pumps, hydraulic lines and seals are all functioning properly.
  • Test operate all cranes to ensure that no obstructions will hinder the motion of the runway and bridge span before carrying loads.
  • Perform all engine and body maintenance that meets and exceeds the crane manufacturer’s guidelines.

There are no shortcuts where safety is a concerned, especially when operating cranes, which is why proper maintenance is so important, especially to Sharp Welding and Crane Hire, our success is built on it.

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