Reliable Australian Crane Hire Services: Geelong and Melbourne Area

17 April 2018

The Sharp Cranes team has a pledge to submit. Speaking plainly, the Geelong and Melbourne area is covered by our reliable crane hire service. That simple statement is telling. There’s no time for flowery language, for marketing talk and exaggerated promotional terms. Instead of the blather, there’s a real need for the unabashed facts. With that said, how does a hire company go about demonstrating a reputation for service reliability?

Result-Driven Reliability

Throughout Geelong and Melbourne, tall structures are sprouting up towards the sky. Industrial sheds are among them, as are new apartment complexes. A dependable crane, selected from a well-maintained fleet, is among these buildings. At the start of the day, the hired lifter rolls into place outside one of those apartments and quickly lifts an unwieldy air conditioning unit up to the rooftop. Safety in mind at all times, the mobile vehicle stays on-site until the cooling gear is properly hooked to the building’s HVAC system. A few kilometres away, over in Geelong, a new storage shed is taking shape. The service now calls in a welder and a pair of site labourers, so the entire project remains in-house.

Reliably conducted, the work speaks for itself. That Australian crane hire service has delivered the heavy load, but it has also delivered on a promise, a promise of equipment reliability.

Of Concrete and Intangible Services

The contractors and construction bosses are used to seeing rented cranes carrying solid loads of bricks. The bags of concrete and lifted building materials are just part of the work, but are they really the core values promoted by this essential service? Well, there’s no arguing against the importance of such tangible results. Indeed, crane hire companies either grow or wilt when these visible results are observed. Furthermore, the client who’s paying for the service will gladly leave a positive testimonial behind if the work is done efficiently and safely. However, there are invisible project solutions onboard the heavy lifter, too.

Here, in one of Australia’s most populated areas, Melbourne natives agree with Geelong residents, they know that maintenance programs and safety procedures are every bit as important as a speedy erection approach.

Humbly but proudly submitted by one of Melbourne’s finest hire services, the Sharp Cranes crew is prepared to deliver solid loads and promised safety margins. Out here, somewhere east of Geelong, the team has a fleet of ready to dispatch cranes and crane borers. Safely dispatched, safely maintained, and reliably operated, the largest and smallest rigs, and everything between, are all backed by a reputation for getting the job done, no matter where that job takes our equipment or our welders.

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