Sharp Crane Hire’s Commitment to Safety Crane Operations During Pandemic

26 February 2021

A crane is a type of equipment that can be very helpful in lifting and moving heavy materials, machines, and other types of loads across various points on a site. Some of the industries that utilise this type of equipment include construction, manufacturing, material loading, and shipbuilding.

We, at Sharp Welding and Crane Hire, are committed to carrying out crane operations even during the pandemic. After all, relying on us when it comes to crane operations can guarantee clients excellent services, a complete set of tools and equipment, as well as licensed and trained operators. Resources such as time and money can also be saved significantly once clients hire us.

Following Basic Safe Crane Operations

Crane operations must be conducted safely to avoid causing damages to the crane itself as well as the surrounding structures. Safe crane operations are also important to ensure that no one will be injured or harmed due to unforeseen circumstances.

And to ensure that our crane operations will be truly safe and secure, we only hire crane operators and professionals that are trained and have the required licenses and certifications. We also make sure that the crane and the load themselves will be checked and assessed before starting the lifting and moving operations. The ground conditions, weather, and work environment are likewise checked so that the crane can stand and work steadily. Workers on the ground follow safety precautions whenever the crane is being operated, making sure that they will not be harmed or injured if ever accidents happen.

Careful planning of crane operations will also be carried out so we can ensure that all potential risks and accidents will be fully prevented. All safety checklists and protocols should also be reviewed to prevent deadly or damaging mishaps before, during, and after the entire crane operations.

Added Precautions during Pandemic

Aside from keeping the crane operations safe and secure, we have also adopted all the necessary health precautions that are needed to be followed during the pandemic.

For one, our workers are pre-screened to ensure that they do not experience any symptoms of COVID-19. Once on the site, social or physical distancing is strictly followed so that any spread of disease can be mitigated and prevented. They are also required to wear all necessary personal protective equipment so that they can be protected from both the workload and the virus.

Proper disinfection of the site and the equipment used is likewise carried out so that no viruses can survive and infect other people. Moreover, we constantly remind our workers to practice personal hygiene, ensuring that they would wash their hands properly and refrain from touching their faces.

If you want to acquire our crane hire services, feel free to contact us at Sharp Welding and Crane Hire. we have the ability to offer clients a complete package with steel fabrication, erection and crane hire, with fully qualified boilermakers, crane drivers, riggers and dogmen.


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