Speed Up Utility Pole Replacements by Hiring Dependable Crane Boring Services

05 August 2019

Let’s make something clear: not just anyone can replace a utility pole. The service should be conducted by a dependable crane boring service, by someone who knows what they’re doing. With that cautionary message out of the way, this is the point at which we back up that ascertain with hard facts. Okay, for one thing, a falling post, something that’s several metres tall, could cause a nasty injury.

Anyone Can Excavate a Hole in the Ground

Anyone can dig out a hole, but that doesn’t mean that anyone should start a crane boring service. What if cables are passing under the spot where a utility pole is to be installed? Gas pipes, plumbing, electric cables, any or all of these concealed lines could be damaged by a reckless excavation operation. Dependable crane boring companies conduct ground scans before they hire crane borers. Next, if there are no connections to the metres tall post, there’s still the risk of a fall hazard. Like a storm-damaged tree, it could crash down on top of a car or a home. Connected to other utilities, well, things can get a lot worse a lot faster.

Amateur Hour Utility Botch-Ups

With a pole planted on a patch of bare ground, it starts to lean precariously to one side. On concrete paving, the borehole hasn’t been backfilled properly, so there’s more leaning. Again, like a disconnected and unburdened Leaning Tower of Pisa, there are fall hazards aplenty. Now, what if the top of the pole is hooked into a telephony circuit or a communications hub? Bowing, perhaps partially supported by the flimsy wiring, the connections break. Internet services disconnect and then ground-based telephone lines snap. Today, what with everyone owning a pocketable mobile phone, that doesn’t seem like such a bad problem, but there are still plenty of post-mounted comms systems slung above our heads. Worst of all, carrying medium or high voltage electrical lines, a power cut becomes inevitable when utility poles aren’t properly installed.

Reliably installed lamp posts illuminate dark street corners and dangerous road turnings. Electric utility lines hang in great loops way above the heads of unworried citizens. With a borehole measured out and expertly cut into loamy shale or loose dirt, the service then goes on to professionally backfill the ground after a utility post has been planted. Made of wood, the post is protected from wet soil. Made of steel, the metal receives supplementary corrosion protection. Then come the comms wires and power cables, or there’s a lamp post fixture to mount. Whatever the utility, by hiring a dependable crane boring service, the rooted pole will stand protected and independently strong, without placing any stress or strain on those top-mounted fittings.

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