The Advantages of Hiring Cranes versus Buying Them

12 December 2016

You’re standing on a precipice, not a tall cliff with a rocky drop-off, so relax a little. No, this sheer drop depicts an awaiting choice, the decision-making process that pulls you toward either renting or purchasing a crane. There are benefits to both courses of action, you see, so sit back for a bit while we investigate the advantages of hiring cranes versus buying them.

Hire Well-Maintained Heavy Equipment

Hidden extras are always part of the buying process, no matter how hard you try to avoid them. Mobile cranes and their larger cousins are no different. For starters, they need to be maintained. They also require storage. A hire company takes care of the latter requirement straight away, with the lifting equipment parking its heavy wheels on the courtyard of the rental establishment. Likewise, a diligent hire service always keeps every component on the crane well-maintained.

Shop for the Latest Gear

When consumers enter a big ticket electronics store, they’re looking for the latest gadgets. Imagine applying that same shopper’s mindset when you rent a crane for a difficult lifting job. You discuss your requirements with the company representative, arrive at a decision based on the unique requirements of the awaiting project, then pick the heavy equipment from a fleet of the finest cranes. They’ll be rated and classed according to their lift capacities, an ability to navigate small spaces, and any other specification you care to mention.

Accounting for Life’s Obstacles

What if the job is one-hundred kilometers away? Is there a binding insurance policy to worry about? Again, those niggling hidden threads can be overwhelming when they’re left to their own devices. Instead of worrying about how to transport an unwieldy vehicle across hundreds of kilometers, hire a crane from an outlet close to the distant work site. Similarly, leave all the insurance worries and contract paperwork in the capable hands of that same hiring agency.

A one-shot purchase deal isn’t the best route for your upcoming heavy-lift project, not when you have the opportunity to hire a crane. It may feel comforting to own property, to buy something and know that it’s yours, but that mentality just doesn’t work well when you’re working with cranes. They have to be stored. Do you have an empty warehouse set aside for this purpose? What about insurance and maintenance? Hit the pause button on your purchase plan for a second, for the fluid advantages associated with hiring cranes really do outweigh the inflexible purchasing options.

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