The All-Terrain Crane for All Seasons and Why You Should Hire One

11 October 2022

Hiring an all-terrain crane might benefit your project if you are faced with construction work in a remote or underdeveloped place where roads are a rare and exotic amenity. All-terrain versions have an all-wheel drive steering and suspension system. These models were designed with functional mobility as the primary design goal, and they can also function successfully as off-road cranes. On mine sites and other remote locations in Australia, all-terrain cranes are frequently utilised for industrial transportation and the installation of pipelines and mobile phone towers. These cranes are no strangers to isolated sites.

Efficiency Meets Functionality

When travelling on asphalt roads or highways, an all-terrain crane can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour, allowing it to keep up with the daily commuting traffic easily. Because of this animated feature, it is possible to use a single all-terrain crane to carry out the work that would otherwise need numerous fixed or non-roadworthy cranes. This feature is especially helpful for those who manage projects in multiple places across the country.

Great Lifting Capacity

The all-terrain cranes available for hire from Sharp Welding and Crane Hire have a load lifting capability ranging from 55 tonnes up to an amazing 130 tonnes. When you combine this fact with the overall maximum hoist height of 95 metres, the telescopic boom’s length of 60 metres, and the ability to be repositioned as needed, we bet you’re starting to regret listening to the so-called industry expert who led you to believe that mobile cranes are incapable of lifting anything. This term refers to people who spread false information.

Works Best With Any Weather

The all-terrain crane can work in any weather, even in the pouring rain. They are built to be solid and long-lasting, capable of withstanding high-temperature changes and harsh weather conditions, all while ensuring that the operator is kept safe and comfortable during the process. Even in the best of circumstances, the combination of cranes and heavy winds is not a fantastic one. When things get too windy, we strongly recommend that operators follow the methods that are considered to be the best practice.

Our Other Services

Even though all-terrain cranes are amazing, there are occasions when a different kind of mobile crane can be more suitable for the project you’re working on. Fortunately, at Sharp Welding and Crane Hire, we provide a diverse selection of mobile crane services, so you can be certain that all your tasks will be completed successfully.

If you are working on a project with restricted or limited access, one of our 10-tonne all-access city cranes can be a perfect choice. We offer various cranes that can easily complete the work at hand for customers that require cargo transportation across a site or over a distance but do not require a significant hoist height.

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