The Impact of Covid-19 on Mobile Crane Hire Operations and How We are Adapting to Changes

29 January 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant changes to different industries around the world. It has disrupted the momentum of economic growth of various countries. The pandemic even forced many businesses to shut down completely as their monthly income falls below zero.

And just like other industries and businesses, the impact of the current global health situation has also reached the mobile crane hire industry. With most construction and transport works being halted during the first few months of lockdowns, the need for crane hire has dwindled sharply, making the future of the industry seems to be at its end. Fortunately, a lot of mobile crane hire businesses have adapted to the situation, ensuring that they can rise again amidst the presence of the pandemic.

Impact of the Pandemic on Mobile Crane Hire

Mobile crane hire operations are intended to provide convenience when it comes to lifting and moving objects from one site to another. And despite the occurrences of lockdowns, most construction projects are only halted and are not abolished completely. Once the authorities finally allow such projects to continue, the need to hire mobiles cranes is still highly possible.

Unfortunately, some businesses have to save their company by doing extreme measures. Some have already terminated employees and operators due to lack of funding and resources. Others, alternatively, have delayed, postponed, or even cancelled crane hire operations for specific projects.

Another impact of the pandemic in mobile crane hire operations would normally deal with the acquisition of mobile cranes. Mobile crane hires rely heavily on cranes that can fit their projects. If they wish to import cranes from other countries, they are expected to pay a lot due to the volatility in terms of currency exchange. Additionally, not all countries are permitted to export their products.

Adapting to the Whole Pandemic Situation

There are a few but important modifications that have been adopted by mobile crane hires. For one, they now have to follow the minimum health protocols just to ensure that everybody will be safe from virus exposure. From washing hands properly to wearing personal protective equipment, all these things are now mandatory to keep the work going. The practice of physical distancing and other means of minimising the number of people in one specific site are also adopted to keep everyone safe.

As for the operation side, the labour expenses and capital cost are now managed more strictly to avoid unnecessary expenses. Given that the operations of mobile crane hires are still limited, protecting all the gains from daily works must be highly prioritised.

Services of Sharp Welding and Crane Hire

If you need to hire mobile cranes for your project, just contact us at Sharp Welding and Crane Hire. Along with our structural steel fabrication, welding, erection, and maintenance services, we also provide dependable ‘crane hire’ services. Our cranes are operated skilfully by our highly trained drivers, dogmen, and riggers to perform whichever function that you require them to do. We can help you move machinery or install such items as structural steel components, utility poles, air conditioners, pools and more.


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