The Power of a Radial Drilling Machine

14 July 2022

A Radial Drilling Machine should be used more than once or twice, whether you are a production manager or factory owner. These days, no workshop would be complete without them. You may not be convinced that this gadget is worth your money or investment if you are not familiar with it. Because of this, on this page, we’ll go over what a Radial Drill Machine is, its purpose in manufacturing, and the five important advantages it provides to your organisation.

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Radial Drilling Machine – What Is It?

Drilling machines with radial arms that can move up and down and revolve 360 degrees around a central column are known as radial drill machines, or high-duty radial drill machines. The arm, column, drill head, and base of the machine are the most critical parts.

Working with heavy components may be quite difficult for those who work in the manufacturing business. When it comes to moving these massive metal objects, nothing is simple. And doing machining operations like drilling, boring, or tapping on such components is a dreadful chore!

These components are made of solid metal. Traditional drilling and boring methods might take up precious time and effort merely to produce a tiny hole in them. And forget about drilling a 45mm-diameter hole with this thing! Heavy-duty work cannot be done with ordinary drills, be they sensitive or bench drills. They’re not meant to do it, and they won’t. Heavy-duty operations on thick metals are what they’re built to handle. It’s already being used by tens of thousands of large global industrial firms.

Radial Drills Are Easy to Operate And Take Minimal Effort To Generate Huge Holes

Most standard drill machines can handle light-duty tasks with ease. Radial drill machines, on the other hand, are significantly superior to standard bench drills when it comes to heavy-duty operations. Why are these old-fashioned bench drills so useless? The issue with these drills is with the drill head. Fixed drill heads are included in all of them, regardless of whether or not you use them.

You know, there are occasions when you have a huge project that you simply cannot lift and place on the worktable by hand. By hand, of course; you’ll need a forklift or a crane to get it there. That’s when things start to go wrong.

Multiple Holes May Be Drilled Without Changing The Workpiece

It is possible to slot it onto the radial arm of any type of radial drill machine, which is another fantastic advantage. Allows for many holes to be drilled simultaneously. The drilling head will travel over the length of the arm with ease if you just roll the handle of the arm with your hand. Allow yourself to drill as many holes as you like, anywhere you choose. It’s a snap and a lifesaver. You’ll also be more productive as a result.

Different Materials Can Be Machined

Before purchasing any form of drill machine, most people ask themselves one question: “What can you accomplish with this equipment?” What kind of machining can you do with it? Boring, tapping, reamer, counterboring, and spot facing are just some of the machining processes that may be performed on a radial drilling machine. You may produce holes as small as 30 mm, as large as 50 mm, and as large as 100 mm. Whether you’re working with wood, plastic, or metal, these tools are ideal.

Reliable and Dependable

Lastly, you’ll want to know about radial drill machine reliability before making a purchase. There is no use in spending money on something if you don’t think it will last long. Right?

To begin with, the machine’s foundation is constructed of graded cast iron. A strong compressive strength and wear resistance are two benefits of this design. To prevent vibration, the machine’s column has a long bottom and is built to withstand large loads. Radial drill machines use alloy steel [Gear Material] with 50 to 60 HRC heat treatment, lapped running in an oil bath, and splined shafted gears for all the gears. It’ll last for a long time, that’s for sure.

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