The Role Radial Drilling Machines Play in the Metal Working Industry

29 January 2020

The metalworking industry employs a lot of tools and equipment that can help boost productivity and efficiency. From metal fabrication to drilling holes, the industry has evolved from manual labour down to the current machine-operated production.

One specific process in the metalworking industry is drilling holes. This crucial metalworking process utilise the productivity that is brought by radial drilling machines on the table. Conventional drills can’t drill perfect holes on strong and sturdy metal surfaces. So, using the radial drilling machine is the best way to go when it comes to drilling metal surfaces.

How does a Radial Drilling Machine Work?

To better understand what radial drilling machines can do, we must know how it works on the field. Radial drilling machine operates on a spindle with a radial arm. Moreover, it has a drilling head that is mounted to slide along the arm. Workers can work on a larger metal surface area of workpieces by raising, lowering, or rotating the arm of this machine. To date, drilling operations with this machine can be performed on materials such as cast iron, steel, plastic, and many more.

A radial drilling machine also has a drill bit that fits the radial drill and a large gear head that moves along the arm. As mentioned, the radial arm can swing and move the drill head away so that it can place the workpiece on the base of the machine. The swinging movement also allows the drilling of holes at numerous points on the workpiece without actually moving it.

Various sizes of holes ranging from 30 mm to 100 mm can take advantage of radial drilling from radial drilling machines.

Why is Radial Drilling Machine Important?

The way radial drilling machines works makes them precise and effective. In fact, these machines are frequently used in metalworking industries such as drilling, boring, tapping, reaming, lapping, screwing, counterboring, spot facing, and many more.

Metal-casting is one of the integral segments of the metalworking industry. With the use of radial drilling machines, several techniques such as centrifugal, investment, spin, and die-casting are all possible and can be processed quickly. Moreover, this machine can create castings in various diameters and thicknesses.

From metalworking industries, the industries related to construction, woodworking, and even manufacturing have been using radial drilling machines to make industrial and commercial products.

All the aforementioned things about radial drilling machines are possible since they are speedy and consistent. They also contain good balancing property for large and small components and highly reliable components. These machines are also durable and easy to maintain.

Radial drilling machines have brought a huge impact to not just only the metalworking industry but also to other industries. To know more about radial drilling machines, you can contact us now at Sharp Welding and Crane Hire. We can offer you a complete package that consists of steel fabrication and crane hire.

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