The Significance of Crane Borers in Pole Replacement Projects

11 November 2016

Utility poles are essential infrastructure couplers. On the one hand, they’re linking structures and entire streets to the electricity grid. That’s a big task for these slender beams, but it doesn’t end there. The poles also physically support networks, so both electricity and data are conveyed efficiently across city blocks. Unfortunately, this physical framework is aging, which is why pole replacement projects are gaining momentum.

A Guide to Pole Replacement Work

Essentially, top contractors equip themselves with bore-enabled cranes so that they can conduct all facets of the job at the same time. The new poles are transported to the site, the specially sized holes are bored by inbuilt tools, and the final step uses the crane attachment to lift waiting poles into their bore holes. Once deemed stable, lights are mounted up top, as are network and power linkages. It doesn’t take an expert to see how important this connective work is for a city or small township.

Why is This Crane Boring Mission Important?

As the last generation of utility poles age, a new breed of multipurpose beams are rolling off the manufacturing line. The significance of crane borers in this infrastructure renewing project is easy enough to discern. Nevertheless, let’s cover the main points of the overhaul. Firstly, the old poles lack uniformity. They’re built to different standards by different manufacturers. They’re made of rotting wood or crumbling concrete or corroding metal. New poles are made from superior materials. Weatherproof by design, they’re also equipped with new network-savvy extras. Basically, the infrastructure is moving with the times to support new technological features.

The Significance of Crane Borers

It doesn’t take an engineering professional to figure out the important role of this mobile boring tool. Every smartphone and every internet connection, every newly lighted and powered street, they can all trace their birth back to the basic telephone poles that once occupied every street corner. Only, well, that’s no longer true, for these old wooden beams were never designed to carry multiple cable types. But that’s okay, for fleets of roving boring cranes are currently reinvigorating this supporting framework by digging out the holes for new multipurpose poles.

As each street is happily equipped with a newly upgraded line of utility poles, power outages will become a thing of the past. The upgraded infrastructure will also accelerate the internet and add new connected services to homes and businesses. And, once done with the city, expect these crane borers to head for the country to overhaul rural communities.

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