The Working Principles of Crawler Cranes and When to Use Them

27 January 2022

The number of projects that are being done in the construction industry has been continuously increasing over the past few years. And as more projects are being carried out, more equipment pieces and machines are needed to complete them effectively.

One of the machines utilised in construction projects today is the crane. Cranes are machines that are designed to lift, move, and lower heavy objects from one place to another. Some can be installed in one place, while others can move across the project site. Aside from their mobility, cranes can also be differentiated through their lifting capacity, weight, and many more.

Given the diverse requirements of construction projects, a wide array of cranes can now be picked, acquired, or hired by project managers. One type of crane that is popular today is the crawler crane.

Functions of Crawler Cranes

A crawler crane is a type of crane comprised of a standard cab that is installed on a crawler undercarriage. The said undercarriage maximises tracks to effectively manoeuvre and navigate a particular construction site. Its deck, additionally, can rotate at a full 360 degrees. It can also be extended thanks to the accompanying box or lattice boom. The end of the crawler crane’s boom subsequently utilises a grapple, hook, and other similar attachments.

What is unique about the crawler crane is that it does not rely on outriggers to obtain stability. Its lattice boom, as stated, can pack tons of attachments despite its low weight. The lightweight quality of the boom then allows the whole crane to operate in a wider radius.

As for the lifting operation of the crawler crane, it can effectively work as stationary lifts within a specific project location. It can likewise provide great assistance in lifting heavy loads thanks to the crawler crane’s general design and distribution of weight.

Crawler Cranes’ Applications

Given the functions and working principles of crawler cranes, they can surely benefit a lot of industries.

One of the industries that can maximise crawler cranes is the construction industry. The notable stability of crawler cranes even with their minimal parts and components makes the recommended for projects that require lifting of huge loads at elevated heights and long distances. They can also be maximised in construction areas that are difficult to reach or access.

Aside from the construction industry, crawler cranes can also be useful for the oil and gas industry. Crawler cranes, through the help of their crawler undercarriage, can effectively travel in project sites of the said industry. Even if these sites are filled with mud, they can easily traverse one area to another. Similar to construction projects, crawler cranes can also be useful in lifting loads in the power industry.

The agriculture industry can also utilise the capabilities of crawler cranes. From new equipment installation down to the construction of an agricultural structure, crawler cranes can easily provide great assistance to projects in the agriculture industry.

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