Understanding the Full Mechanics of a Truck-Mounted Crane

08 March 2022

Cranes generally are designed to carry out lifting and hoisting operations of loads in a project site. Some cranes may be assigned to lift and move heavy machines, while others are designated to move heavy materials and goods from one place to another.

Different industries maximise cranes due to their primary functions. Some of these industries are construction, material loading, manufacturing, and shipbuilding. Since the requirements of these industries would vary from one project to another, crane manufacturers have come up with a wide array of designs to produce different crane types in the market.

One crane type that is available today is the truck-mounted crane. A truck-mounted crane possesses a crane that can be attached to the truck’s deck or behind the cab.

Benefits of Truck-Mounted Cranes

A truck-mounted crane may utilise the same crane components that other crane types possess. However, the addition of a truck allows it to gain extra benefits. Some of its benefits are as follows:

  • Easier Site Access– One of the benefits of a truck-mounted crane is it can provide easier access to the project site. The convenience of wheels allows a truck-mounted crane to be more mobile in terms of its placement in an area. It can even access project areas that can be difficult to traverse.
  • Faster Load Transport– Usually, a standard crane would lift, move, and deposit the loads into numerous trucks before the latter can move to a specific project area. And as more trucks are filled, the amount of time and money that are spent significantly increases. But through a truck-mounted crane, it can already transport the load to the intended location without wasting resources.
  • Less Needed Space – One more benefit of a truck-mounted crane is it can minimise the needed space required for its setup, operation, and storage. A truck-mounted crane does not require a huge area thanks to its compact and mobile components, making it great for urban development works.

Truck-Mounted Crane Mechanics

A truck-mounted crane is designed to move freely in all directions thanks to its integrated wheels. But to make this crane more effective in carrying out load handling tasks, it maximises several hydraulic cylinders to control the motion of its components. As the hydraulic cylinders move, the components of a truck-mounted are expected to be exposed to large forces.

The operation of a truck-mounted crane, particularly its crane part, is instigated by three cylinders – the inner cylinder, the outer cylinder, and the extension cylinder. The inner cylinder is intended to raise the inner boom, while the outer cylinder is meant to regulate the angle between the outer boom and the inner boom. The extension cylinder, lastly, handles the reach of the extensions.

As for the forces, the cylinders that control the boom attain positive compressive forces. As the payload distances itself from the base of the crane, the forces of the cylinders are expected to become greater. The inner cylinders, alternatively, endure greater forces as they handle the weight of extension segments.

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