What are All-Terrain Cranes and Why Hire Them?

31 July 2020

To date, the construction industry has been using different sets of cranes to do different load movement and lifting activities. Some types of cranes that the industry typically uses include tower cranes, crawler cranes, overhead cranes, and hammerhead cranes. While these cranes can help meet the demands of the said industry, almost all of them somehow lack versatility that is needed for different sets of construction activities and applications.

Fortunately, all-terrain cranes are now available for different construction activities and setting. As the name implies, this type of crane can work on different kinds of terrain. Whether the terrain is rough or smooth, an all-terrain crane can effortlessly handle load moving and transfer activities. Furthermore, it can work and function well under any type of weather conditions, making it possible for a contractor to finish tasks even under heavy rain or extremely hot weather.

Aside from their mentioned properties, here are some more reasons why all-terrain cranes must be hired and used by contractors and project managers.

Compact Form Factor

All-terrain cranes are made to fit all types of terrains. So, aside from their effectiveness in working in rough or smooth terrains, they can also be maximised in different terrain sizes thanks to their compact form factor and design. The compactness and the absence of mobility issues make these cranes suitable for any type of construction site. Unlike the majority types of cranes, all-terrain cranes can easily get into small access areas without sacrificing the quality of their functions.

Speedy Components

Even if all-terrain cranes have a compact design, they can still manage all the activities that their much larger counterparts would do. They are still equipped with components that allow them to move around a construction or lifting site at a very high speed. As a matter of fact, all-terrain cranes can move at a speed of 90 kph, which is amazingly fast considering the gravity of their operations. They also only require one truck to effectively tow the weight or other objects.

Terrific Lifting Capacity

The small and speedy nature of all-terrain cranes might deter some contractors in choosing them. However, these features do not significantly affect their overall lifting capabilities. All-terrain cranes have all the necessary components to perform high lifting and quick-moving activities of heavy objects. They have integrated booms that make the setup process more convenient. They are also equipped with an integrated heavy-duty jib that can manage two hook operations. These components allow them to reach as a height of 200 meters and lift objects that weigh up to 1,000 tons.

Using all-terrain cranes to quickly lift and move heavy objects within the site can guarantee faster operations and lesser expenses. If you want to hire this type of cranes, then contact us now at Sharp Welding and Crane Hire Services. Along with our structural steel fabrication, welding, erection, and maintenance services, we also provide dependable crane hire services. Our cranes are operated skilfully by our highly trained drivers, dogmen, and riggers to perform whichever function that you require them to do for your project.

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