Work Coverage of Specialised Pipe Work and Maintenance for Water Utility Companies

05 November 2019

It’s strange how water utility companies go about their business without anyone noticing. People on the street seem to have built-in blind spots for water risers and pumping stations, for, in fact, all of the gear that utility services look after. No worries, crane hire providers deal with specialized pipe works all the time. Indeed, geared towards carrying out lifting services in and around such water-carrying structures, our cranes have been keeping water utility companies gainfully employed for years.

Supporting Multi-Height Pipe Works

A question begs an answer: if cranes are utilized as at-height load conveyance machines, why would underground water utility lines require such a purpose-built piece of lifting apparatus? Not every pipe is sunken below the ground in a trench. Even if that were the case, water utility services need cranes to position heavy lengths of mains water pipe. Those sections of wide-diameter tubing can break. Subjected to high fluid pressures, even a hairline fracture is unacceptable here. So, using hire cranes and excavators, that’s how trenching workers lower pipe lengths into trenches, letting go only when the pipes are perfectly positioned on a layer of trench bedding. As for the above-ground services, there’s no shortage of tall waterworks structures. For example, there are plenty of pumping stations, structures that boost the pressure. If a pumping station is elevated, then there’ll probably be as a storage water tank at the top of a hill, too.

Water Utility Companies Need Machine-Assisted Reach

It is true; there are places where a couple of utes and a team of pipe fitting workers can’t do their work. Let’s picture the infrastructural layout of a small city. With rivers cutting through the heavily populated land, a bridge looms before the utility workers. Water lines travel below the bridge. On a concrete water tower, more valves and fittings are contained in a maintenance room above the storage vessel. Pumps and motors are installed in here. If one of those 3-phase motors burns out, who’s going to bring in the new AC motor? Right, that’s another job for a hired crane, plus perhaps an expert motor windings repair service as well.

Water pipes sink deep into trenches. Cranes and excavator easily perform these heavy-duty work assignments. These, however, are conventional services, and there are plenty of permanently assigned vehicles to do this kind of work. Even so, trenching work is only the beginning. There are water risers and pumping houses, tall hillside water storage units and bridge or aqueduct suspended water lines, too. If water utility companies are to maintain these out of reach pipes, they need the aid of a crane, one that preferably comes with an extendable boom.

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